Northwood Landscaping

Northwood Landscaping and Construction Inc. specializes in residential landscape design and construction, and is backed by over 23 years of industry experience.

We excel in both rough and finished grading and are known for our integrity and quality of work. We have a reputation for quality work and always deliver on our promise, so you can look forward to having a more beautiful home.

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Hardscaping Services


Looking to change or add to your landscaping? We provide full services for pavers, retaining walls, natural stone, flag stone, armor stone retaining walls, and pisa retaining walls.

Softscaping Services


If you’re looking to add some green to your landscaping, look no further. We do all kinds of softscaping including trees, shrubs, sodding, grading, and more.

Waterproofing Services


If you have a leak in your basement, we provide full, professional waterproofing services to plug any leak. Call us for details.

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Northwood has a reputation for quality work and we always deliver on our promise. In today’s ever changing landscaping industry, Northwood has continued to grow, driven by the passion for quality and the joy of bringing beautiful landscapes to life for all of our customers.

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